Bonkers Slots

Bonkers Slots is a classic slot and while it has no special features such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, bonus rounds; it does have a special free spins feature in which you can win up to 10 free spins. As I have often said, there are classic slots from the days of old, and there are new classic slots that offer just a bit more for you to enjoy. Bonkers Slots is one of them.

About the Game

Bonkers Slots is a 3-reel 1-payline classic slot with a coin value max of up to $5. The max bet is $15. The jackpot pays out 1200 coins as long as you bet the max. With the pay table located at the top of the slot, you can view the symbols and payouts as you play.

Playing the Game

In order to win the 1200 coins, all you need to get are the 3 red 7s. There is also the Bonkers Logo symbol. If you get 2 Bonkers symbols you will win three free spins; get all 3 Bonkers symbols and you will win 10 free spins. There is a Meter on the right side of the slot machine, under the Bonkers symbol, that will let you know how many free spins you have won.


Anytime you have a classic slot that yields more than just the traditional symbols' payouts, it is still worth playing. However, when special features are added to these slots, then it is really enjoyable to play. So if you can, bet the max and play this game at Slots Garden Casino.