Mardi Gras Magic Slots

Mardi Gras Magic is a charming slot with beautiful symbols and a variety of exciting features too. We were first impressed by this game because of its beautiful graphics. It wasn't until we began testing it that we discovered some exciting bonus features as well. Find out all the perks this game has to offer by reading through the review below.

Developed by Red Dog Casino

This game was created by Red Dog Casino, a smaller company that's known for its vivid games and for offering top-quality gambling experiences. If you're searching for a slot that will stand out, you'll love some of the offerings from this company, including this game specifically. Red Dog games are often offered alongside games from other development companies, giving you a nice range of options to choose from.

Test it First

This slot is designed to run in a special demo mode, so you can try it before you spend money on it. That's great news for gamblers that don't want to risk their money on a new game. If you play the game in demo mode, you can spin the reels for as long as you like, and you'll wager using a play money balance that updates to reflect any wins or losses you have while playing.

A Nighttime Mardi Gras Theme

Enjoy the beauty of Mardi Gras when playing this slot. The game is set to the backdrop of a Louisiana street at night, and it shows off beautiful women, drinks, bright lights, and more as different symbols. Between the symbols and the brilliant background, this game stands out for its looks, and it's something we love to play.

This Game was Designed for Simplicity

We love how basic this slot feels to play. There are some cool bonus features, but you wouldn't know there was anything advanced about the game by looking at it. It looks simple and easy to play, and there are just a few buttons for you to use. You'll only need three buttons in order to play this slot, and the rest of the buttons are optional for making adjustments or learning more about the game. The layout is clean, and the game is good for new gamblers that don't want anything complicated to deal with.

A Video Slot

This slot game from RTG is a video slot with some advanced features that make it more exciting than a basic slot game. When you play, you'll have scatters, bursting wilds, and random instant payouts to look forward to. Between these features, there is always a perk for you to enjoy as you play.

25 Fixed Paylines

There are 25 paylines that you must wager on while playing this game. All the lines are activated the entire time, so any wagers you place will be on all those lines. Having fixed paylines means that you won't have to think much when placing a wager. With 25 paylines that are always on, you'll have a good chance of winning a prize payout every time you spin the reels of this slot. That keeps things exciting as you play the game.

Respectable Wagering Options

The wagering range for this slot is decent, and placing a wager is quick and easy to do. When playing this game, you can set a wager in just a few minutes by choosing the plus and minus options to change your wager amount. The minimum bet is $0.25, per turn and the maximum is $62.50. This range is good enough to excite most gamblers, and it's the type of thing that high-rollers and low-stakes players can both enjoy. Some high-rollers won't be satisfied with the maximum wager, but most gamblers will be able to find a bet level that they're comfortable with. Our only criticism of the wager options is that the bet amounts jump up dramatically, and it can be difficult to choose a wager amount you're comfortable with.

A Low Value Paytable

The prize payouts for this game are small, and that's obvious as soon as you look at the paytable. The highest value prize is worth just 800 coins. That's not very much money even when you're wagering the maximum amount of money. This slot relies on combinations of wins to keep things exciting, and it pays out prizes very frequently. By offering prizes often, the game makes it easy for gamblers to have a good time while playing, even if they win smaller amounts.

Random Wins and Burst Wilds

During each turn, there's a small chance that you'll randomly trigger the random wins feature or that you'll get some burst wilds. The random win feature pays out immediately, so you'll get cash right away. The burst wild feature causes the wilds to break apart and spread across the reels.

Burst Wild Free Spins

Whenever you unlock three or more of the scatter symbols on the reels of this slot at the same time, you'll trigger the free spin bonus round. In this bonus game, you get between 10 and 20 free spins depending on the number of scatters that triggered the round. During these spins, your chances of getting burst wilds is increased, and the chance increases on each subsequent spin you take until the bonus round is over. There aren't any multipliers in this bonus, but you can trigger additional free spins, and you are likely to get some good wins thanks to the burst wilds as you play.

A Decent Return for Your Money

This slot pays out about 96% of the money it takes in as prizes. This is a good value, and it means the game stands up to many other casino games in terms of its value. Sure, there are some slots that pay more, but there are many others that pay out a lower percentage of money. Slot game rating

Win up to 20,000 Coins

It's possible to win as much as 20,000 coins on a single spin while playing this game. That's a decent prize payout, though it isn't a massive win. If you're playing this slot game to get rich, it will take more than one big win to help you accomplish your goal. This slot pays frequently and is a good value for interested gamblers looking for regular wins.

Play for Fun or for Money

It's up to you whether you want to play this game for real money or not. It's designed to work for real money gamblers and for players that just want to try it out or to play for fun. In real money mode, you can wager money from your casino account. While in fun mode, you use the free play balance to wager and play for wins. Most gamblers find the real money mode to be more exciting to play, but there are many gamblers that enjoy playing this slot for free as well.

Take it Along on Mobile

This game runs smoothly on most mobile devices, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go. Try this game on a tablet or a smartphone, and it will run just the same as it does on a full computer. No apps are necessary in order to play this slot game; you just load it in your web browser. That means you can change the device you play on conveniently.

We were impressed by Mardi Gras Magic for the most part. The slot is fun to play, offers respectable prize payouts, and it has graphics that make it stand out in a good way. It isn't perfect, though. Some gamblers won't be happy with the maximum prize payouts, and others will want to wager more money or unlock bigger paytable wins. If those issues aren't problems you're concerned with, this slot should be a good option for you to consider.