Mid-Life Crisis Slot Game

Are you going through a mid-life crisis? If so, we have a very funny slot game you can relate to, and one that will snap you out of that funk you are in. Mid-Life Crisis Slot Game is a great take on real life problems that effect mostly men. In this slot game, we find a not so middle-aged balding man who is not very happy. We also find three women in this hilarious scenario as well as other symbols that clearly are evident in a crisis of this kind. Come along with us as we explore this slot game along with our not so happy guy.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 9-payline progressive bonus video slot, Mid-Life Crisis can cure this guy's ailment because the jackpot is worth $100,000. You just have to chuckle at the sign post on the slot machine that reads: "Caution, Old Age Ahead." Can you relate? Anyway, getting back to the game at hand; the betting ranges from 25 cents per line to $11.25 per line. However, you will notice at the bottom of the slot machine that you can wager as much as $100 per line. High stakes? Certainly; but considering the sizeable jackpot and, more importantly, the removal of those middle age blues - it's worth it. We recommend you read the three-page pay table as it contains very important information about this game.

Live, Live…..Life is a Banquet

The symbols in Mid-Life Crisis include a wide variety that may just cure that crisis you're in. They include: a Red Sports Car, a Motorcycle, a Wad of Cash, a Gold Medallion Necklace, a Jacuzzi, a Parachute, a Yacht, Blue Pills (yes, you're right about what they are!), the Three Women, and a Toupee. The most important symbols in this game are: The Yacht, which will pay out 3200 coins when all five appear; the Wad of Cash will pay out 2000 coins when all five appear, and the Motorcycle will pay out 1500 coins when all five appear. However, the MOST important symbol in this slot game is the Red Sports Car. Get all five and win the progressive jackpot. But wait! What if you had a chance to actually WIN the sports car? In this game you can either take the money or the sports car. Are you feeling good now?

Two Bonus Rounds

The first bonus round is called the Mid-Life Crisis Scatter Bonus and will be activated when you get a gold medallion necklace, a toupee, and the balding guy. What happens next is hysterical. The guy in crisis will stand up before you and you will receive bonus credits. You can win up to 350 coins by spinning with max coins and max times bet. The second round is one we think you will like even better. Called the Pick Your Poison Bonus Round, when three of the women appear on the reels, you will be asked to open this round in which you get to select an adventure idea. With each successful adventure, you will win an amount relative to your total bet or, if you rather go for the whole enchilada, you can try the youth potion. You can win up to 4000 coins by spinning with max coins and max lines bet.

Play Mid-Life Crisis Slot Game

This entire slot game is devoted to men, in particular, going through a bad time. It happens. However, when you play Mid Life Crisis at Slots Garden Casino, you'll wind up laughing, not only at yourself perhaps, but at the premise of the game. Remember the old saying: "Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone."