Spring Wilds Slots

Spring Wilds has a look that fits the name nicely. We were immediately drawn in by the unique graphics of this game. Its colorful design and beautiful layout made us want to test it further. That's why we decided to create a full review for the slot game. If you want to know more information about the game, take a moment to get familiar with the game to find out if it's right for you. Test it yourself, or read through our review first.

Crafted by Realtime Gaming

This title was made by Realtime Gaming. If you aren't familiar with that name, it's one of the biggest software development companies in the gambling world today. The business has hundreds of titles under its name and is known for creating quality gambling options. If you're looking for something entertaining to play, you'll enjoy a huge selection to choose from by signing up for a Realtime Gaming casino.

Try it First

Even if you aren't feeling too confident about this game, you can test it out for free to see if you like it or not. Try the slot yourself by loading it in Demo mode first. You'll get the option to play this game in Demo mode as soon as you join a casino that offers it. Sign up, sign in and start testing this game with a free money balance. You'll get to experience all the features of this game while playing in this mode.

A Cute Easter Spring Theme

While it's tough to pinpoint the exact theme of this slot game, we would say that it's a cute Easter game with loveable animals, candy with a fun Spring feel to it. If you want a game to make you feel festive, this one will give you lots of enjoyment and should keep you busy for a while. We fell in love with the appearance of the game first before we learned about the other features.

A Basic Design

We like how simple this game is to play. Wagering requires adjusting just a single set of buttons, and when you decide to play this slot, you'll begin to feel comfortable with the controls in just seconds. It's ideal for new gamblers, but all sorts of players can have a good time with this game.

A Standard Video Slot

So many of today's video slots are coming with huge progressive jackpots. This game isn't one of them. It has modern looks, features, and graphics, but it doesn't have those huge jackpot payouts that grow over time. If you want an interactive game and you aren't looking for those huge jackpots, then this game isn't a bad option.

25 Set Paylines

The moment you begin playing this game, you'll have 25 paylines that you're wagering on with each spin. You can't turn the lines off, so you'll always be betting with 25 coins. This is a downside for gamblers looking to wager as little as possible, but it increases your chances of getting a win as you play and also makes wagering simpler to do as well.

A Small Selection of Wagering Options

If you choose to play this slot game, you'll only have a few wagering options to work with. The minimum bet is $0.25 per spin, and the maximum is $25.00 per spin. There's a good chance that even if you prefer playing somewhere in the middle of those extremes that you'll have trouble setting a bet exactly where you want it. You turn the value up and down by adjusting the coin value, and there are only a small number of selections available for you to use to set your bet. This is one of our biggest criticisms of this slot game.

Micro Prize Wins

With the highest prize value on the paytable, capping out at just 600 coins, you won't be getting life-changing prizes if you only win on a single payline. Many players win on multiple paylines, though, and you can also get a series of wins with one winning spin after another while you play. If you want a game with huge prize potential, this one likely isn't it.

Lucky Streak Re-Spin

Getting six or more bonus symbols at a time is what it takes to trigger this bonus round. In this feature, the bonus symbols are locked in position for a single re-spin. If you get another bonus symbol on the next spin, it gets locked in place for another spin for more symbols. The goal is to obtain as many of the bonus symbols as possible for the largest instant prize payout, and this feature will continue as long as you keep adding to the bonus symbol count.

Free Games Bonus

With three or more scatters, you'll trigger the free spin bonus round. In this round, you get between 10 and 20 free spins, and you'll be more likely than ever to trigger the re-spins bonus feature. You can keep this bonus going by getting more scatters during your free spins, but all prizes pay at the standard levels during this round.

Rating the Game

Only after extensive play did we feel confident to rate this game. We gave it a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We weren't impressed by the prizes, but we did like the bonus features and the beautiful graphics of this game. It's a good option for some gamblers, but not everyone.

Winners Walk Away with Smaller Prizes

Most gamblers that use this slot don't win big. The prize payouts are small in size, so players will have to hope for multiple wins. If you're looking for big payouts, this isn't the right game for you. If you like winning prizes all the time, you can fall in love with this slot.

Experience Fun Play

This slot was made to run without the need for real money as well as playing for real cash. If you want to have fun and you don't want to risk your own money, you can still play the game using a play money balance. It's simple to do, and with the game running in play mode, you can play as long as you like to try for all sorts of exciting prize payouts. Try this game yourself and see why so many other gamblers are excited to play the game.

Wager Your Money for Real Prizes

This slot was designed to be played for real money, which is why it's so easy to start wagering with real cash. As soon as you begin playing this slot, you can risk your money by selecting the real play option. Do this, and you'll be ready to start spinning the reels in hopes of winning big. You should set the wager amount to a level you're comfortable with before you start playing, though.

A Mobile-Friendly Game

This slot game is designed to be mobile-friendly too, which means it will work on a wide range of mobile devices. If you have Android devices or iOS devices, you can play the game on any of them as well. Load this slot up on the smartphones and tablets you like and experience all the same features. The games don't require apps and will run well on most devices. You can switch between different devices as you play with ease too.

We enjoyed our time with this slot game and couldn't help but enjoy all the different bonus features that trigger as you play. We didn't get any huge wins, but we did get plenty of smaller ones. If you're searching for a game that will entertain you, you should take a moment to get to know this slot.