Sweet 16 Slots

Who doesn't love a taste of candy now and then? If you're partial to the odd piece, you'll want to look at the Sweet 16 slot game that is about to be released. Candy-theme games aren't new, but this one packs in enough features to give it a good chance of being a hit.

What does Sweet 16 offer in terms of reels and paylines?

You won't be surprised to find five reels in play, but the game has more than just a few paylines to offer. Instead, it has 243 ways you can win!

Does the game have scatter and wild symbols?

It sure does - the scatter is a lollipop and pays in any position it appears in, while other wins are formed in the 'all ways pays' format. The wild is a Sweet 16 logo, making it easy to spot when it appears on the reels. Could it help you win another prize or two? It isn't just a regular wild, because it shows up on all but the first reel and is grouped as well.

What are morphing symbols?

Whenever you put together a winning combination, you can watch as those symbols morph into new ones. This could give you more wins so it's worth watching closely. If the new symbols lead to one or more new wins, keep watching as those symbols will morph as well.

The game doesn't stop there though. A feature called Morph Magic can also come into play in this situation. The more morphing wins you can string together, the higher the multipliers will be. Yes, that's right - the first win has a 1x multiplier, and if you put together another one, that will be subjected to a 2x multiplier. If you manage to get 10 in a row, you'll get a 10x multiplier on that prize and anything else won after that if you get wins from newly-morphed symbols.

Can you win free games in Sweet 16?

Yes, and we bet you can guess the number - 16 of them! You get Morph Magic multipliers in these spins too, but they're bigger, going up as high as 20x your bet.

And did you know these free games can be retriggered too?

Download and play Sweet 16 now on PC and mobile devices!

You can enjoy playing Sweet 16 slots easily whatever device you have, so enjoy it on download or instant play now.