Emperor Panda Slots

Emperor Panda is a newer slot game from Realtime Gaming, and it offers some pretty impressive features. We almost didn't review this game because of its poor graphics, but we were drawn in by what we heard about its features and decided to give it a try. Learn whether the features make up for the poor graphics of this slot in our review below.

Made by Realtime Gaming

Just like so many other slots, this one was created by the developers at Realtime Gaming as well. There are hundreds of games available in the library from this development company, and that's excellent news for the gamblers that like jumping around.

Test Play it

This game was built to run in test mode free for gamblers that want to enjoy its features without the risk. You can turn this mode on any time you want to have a play session without spending money. This is excellent for new players that want to see if they like the game or not. It's also a useful tool for gamblers that want to keep playing but that don't have the money to do so.

A Jungle Theme

You'll head into the misty jungle while playing this slot and get a look at the pandas, tigers, monkeys, and birds, among other things. The game shows off a bamboo forest that's shrouded in mist to make it more mysterious. The game also showcases some beautiful Chinese architecture, but only a small amount below the reels.

Simple and Easy Design

This slot was designed to appeal to all levels of gamblers, including those new to slot games. The game has one single row of buttons, and most of them aren't lit up, helping them hide in the background, so you don't feel overwhelmed. As a new gambler to this game, you'll see the spin, auto spin, and speed buttons. You'll also enjoy using a single set of buttons to adjust your entire wager amount while you play this game.

A Video Slot Game

Emperor Panda is a modern video slot game with different bonus features and many paylines to win on. The game doesn't have progressive jackpots, but it's complicated enough to not qualify as a classic slot either.

50 Always On Lines

This game has 50 paylines that are always on. These lines remain active at all times, which means you must wager a coin on every single one of them if you want to spin the reels of this slot. This translates into spending a lot of money to spin, even if you have the lowest coin values set for this game. Some gamblers avoid this slot entirely because of the high minimum wager, but locking in the paylines does make wagering simpler for everyone.

Not Friendly to Low-Stakes Players

We were surprised by the high minimum wager amount set for this slot game. Gamblers that play the game must risk at least $2.00 per spin, and the wager amount quickly grows from there. The maximum wager amount is $200.00 per spin, and it's up to you to decide how much you want to risk per spin when getting to know this game. It's also important to note that since the paylines are always on, the wager amount goes up rapidly, and it's difficult to select a specific wager value that you'll be happy with.

A Medium Paytable

This slot doesn't pay more than 800 coins per winning combination, but with 50 paylines and lots of bonuses, there are plenty of ways for you to win while you enjoy this game. Get familiar with the slot, and you'll start to see all the opportunities popping up for you to take advantage of.

Jackpot Emerald Feature

Anytime you get six or more emerald symbols on the reels, the game switches over to the Jackpot Emerald bonus feature. In this special feature, the slot locks all the emeralds on the screen. You'll enjoy three re-spins where only emeralds are active, and any additional emeralds that appear on the screen get locked in place as well. Emeralds on the corners of the screen reset the re-spin total to 3 once again and keep the feature going for longer. When the bonus is over, each emerald turns into a prize payout. Getting emeralds on all four corners of the grid expands the reels further to a 6x3, and you can continue expanding to an 8x4 grid for huge prize potential.

Gold Paw Free Spins

Getting six or more of the golden paw symbols unlocks the free spin bonus round. In this bonus, you get six free games with more golden paw symbols, emeralds, and pandas on the reels than normal. You'll be more likely to unlock high-value prize payouts during these rounds.

No Certain RTP

We don't know the percent return offered to gamblers that play this slot game and only have to hope that it's good. We expect the game to offer more than a 95% percent return to players based on how it plays and because most Realtime Gaming slots offer a return that good or better, but we can't say for sure.

Rating the Game

Since we don't know the slots RTP value, we couldn't give it higher than 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We were impressed by the bonus features of this game, but we wish the wagering options were more adjustable and that the game looked a bit nicer too. Other than that, it's entertaining to play and offers some real opportunities to gamblers.

Win up to 50,000 Coins

The highest payout available for this game is 50,000 coins in a single spin. That's a huge win, and it's worth getting excited about. If you're playing this game in hopes of winning a huge payout, you could walk away with a nice boost to your bankroll with just the right amount of luck.

Switch Between Fun Play and Real Play

One of the features we love about this slot is that you can change from playing for real money to playing with fun money whenever you like. If you want to get to know the game, you can play in fun mode, but when you're ready for a real win, you can swap things over and start playing for cash. The game is designed to be toggled back and forth, making it surprisingly easy to play the way you want.

Bring the Game on Mobile

This game works on most mobile devices, and you'll be surprised at how well it works on smartphones and tablets. It's built to run in the web browser of just about any device, and you can play this slot on Android and iOS devices without downloading an app to do so. You can take the game with you anywhere that has an internet connection, and that means you're free to gamble how you like.

Emperor Panda isn't our favorite slot game, but we admire the bonus rounds, and we like all the perks that come from playing it. If wagering was a bit more affordable and adjustable, this slot would be an excellent option worth seriously considering for even more players out there.